HTML is not a Programming Language – Here’s Why

codeschoolafrica November 7, 2020 0 Comments

HTML is not a programming language, and there are several ways of defending this fact.. The “M” in HTML stands for “Markup” this makes it a type of markup language. A Markup language refers to tags used to define page layouts and elements in a web page. HTML simply describes the data to the browser, then the browser displays the data accordingly.

On the other hand, A programming language is simply a formal language that consists of a set of instructions that produce various kinds of output. They are computer codes that run certain tasks.

HTML is still very useful however, it defines the structure of webpages and it determines how data is displayed online. The text you are currently reading from this website is HTML code which was read and interpreted by your browser. All these however, still does not make it a programming language.

Here are some characteristics of a programming language that HTML lacks:

  • It can not evaluate expressions or do any math: In programming languages, you can store data such as text strings and integers, and manipulate them to perform calculations. Solving mathematics and sorting text alphabetically are kinds of data processing that can not be done in HTML.
  • With HTML, You can not declare variables and write functions:  As a language that contains no programming logic, it is unable to write functions like programming languages do.
  • It doesn’t modify or manipulate data in any way: Programming languages, on the other hand, can process data and make decisions.
  • It does not have flow control statements:  All programming languages have flow control statements, except HTML and Microsoft Word. Loops and other such instructions are known as flow control statements.

Because HTML lacks these features, it cannot be categorized as a programming language. You simply can not program in HTML.

Some recommend that HTML should never be listed under “programming languages” in a resume. This is true because coding only in HTML does not qualify you as a programmer. However with HTML you can still be referred to as a coder because HTML requires writing lines of code in a Markup language. Therefore we would not recommend you add HTML to the “programming languages” part of your resume, but it can be added to “skills” or simply “languages” It still falls under the category of languages because it happens to be a Markup Language.

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