7 Coding Myths

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There are several perceptions and myths about programming and coding as a whole. Some of these myths have discouraged some to pursue coding as a career or skill. We have discovered that the only thing stopping several people from learning how to code are the false beliefs they hold.

 In this blog post, we will clear some popular myths and misconceptions about coding,  

  1. You need to be good at math: This is perhaps the most popular perception about coding. The truth is, all you need to learn are some basic calculus and algebra skills, and the fundamentals of how computers work.

However, game development requires more mathematical knowledge such as trigonometry and physics. But fear not, even if you lack in these areas there are plugins and libraries that can help you solve these mathematical problems.

  • Coding is for nerds:  This is a common stereotype about coders. Coding is for everyone, not for a particular category of people, Not all developers have nerdy personalities, you would be shocked at how outgoing many of them can be.
  • You need a university degree in computer science or programming or start a tech career: Obtaining  a degree in the field is worthwhile but you do not need a university degree to become an excellent coder. Also, you can not learn coding entirely with theory, you can only learn it with practice, you learn coding by writing programs and code.

There are millions of programmers out there that do not have a university degree in the field. There are several coding bootcamps, institutes and online tutorials.

  • I only need to learn one programming language: Learning one programming language is alright, but it is not enough to start a career in tech, you do not have to learn everything either, what is important is you learn the ones that suit the kind of work you wish to do.

Coding evolves every year, you would have to unlearn and relearn a lot of things, sticking to one language will be limiting, what’s worse is that if you decide to stick to a particular language it could become outdated.

  • Women cannot code: This is completely false. It is another stereotype that tech jobs are meant for men. The tech industry is male dominated but women are very capable of coding, as a matter of fact, the first programmer of the world, Ada Lovelace, is a woman.

Some other examples of exceptional women in the field are; Julia Liuson, a legend in the software development world. Natalia Burina who works for companies such as Microsoft, eBay, and Facebook, and Marissa Mayer who is the first female engineer at Google and spearheaded successful projects like Gmail, Google News, Google Maps, and Google Earth.

  • Coding is boring: All technology you see involves coding; video games, space exploration, medical devices, including the technology found in cars and airplanes.

Coding helps you permeate almost all industries, it is definitely not boring. Video games, mobile games and websites were all created by programmers, it requires much more creativity than you think.

  • You can master a programming language in a few weeks: You can learn the basics in a few weeks, nobody hardly ever becomes a master of anything in a few weeks, not doctors, chefs, writers, footballers or artists.

Are there other coding myths you know of? Let us know in the comment section.

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