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Web Development

A Web Developer must be versatile in the languages of the web; HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These languages aid in building websites and interactive web apps.

In this course, you will learn


Known in full as Hypertext Markup Language, it is a popular coding language. HTML is not a programming language; rather it is a type of markup language.<br /> This language is used in the front end of internet development, and it is found on websites on the internet, making it an indispensable language for any web or front-end developer. HTML is often the first language most beginners learn because of its simplicity.


CSS is often mentioned after HTML. Also used by web developers, it is also beginner friendly, also not as simple as HTML.<br /> Using CSS along with HTML allows the developer to customize webpages, fonts, colors, styles are put to creative use. While the HTML instructs the web browser what a part of the web page should look like, the CSS code is what controls it.


JavaScript should not be confused with "Java." The latter is used for mobile app creation. JavaScript on the other hand is one of the fastest-growing languages over the years. It is often used to create interactive displays and controls video players, animations, and GIFs on webpages.<br /> JavaScript is also used by Back-End Developers, thus it is used to develop both the design and web apps of a website. It also happens to be a beginner friendly program.

Web development exceeds learning programming languages. Concepts like DevTools, data formats, testing, APIs, and authentication are essential in this field.

Languages you will learn in our Web Development class are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These languages are the basic foundations for web development. HTML and CSS are used for interfaces while JavaScript makes the HTML pages interactive.

Our web development class also teaches, Git and Github, Browser DevTools, Application Programming Interface, Authentication, Model, View, Controller (MVC), and DevOps and Deployment

Our web development classes equip our students and set them on the path to becoming excellent full-stack developers.