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Allow for Optimal Productivity in Your Organization, Get Your Employees Trained by Tech Experts

With the rapidly changing technological industry, employees are exposed to new challenges, however, this should not be viewed as an obstacle, rather, it is an opportunity for renowment and development. At Code School Africa, we can help to increase efficiency and productivity in your organization through our training programs.

Our employee training is an opportunity for your employees to increase their knowledge, improve their work skills to be more effective in the workplace. It is guaranteed that the return on investing in your employees is huge.

Our training program would improve the knowledge and skills of your employees and help them keep up with the various changes in the ever-growing industry. This will impact positively on the productivity of employees which in turn will increase the efficiency and gain of your organization.

We are capable of imparting knowledge in fields like Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Product Development and Management, Product Design, Graphic Design & Animation, Software Development, and Artificial Intelligence.

Our training program identifies specific problems to tailor an appropriate solution. An essential part of the learning process is specific computer skills and information technology topics.

These skills have been proven to improve job efficiency and build confidence in employees. This will improve your employees’ performance and enable them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Training with us uplift your company’s work process to a higher standard. It also ensures uniformity in the workplace as employees would follow a particular work pattern or procedure as a result of their similar training.

They would also be knowledgeable enough to deal with risks pertaining to the company. Following this, there would be less need for supervision, in a very good case, there will be absolutely none. Each employee would be capable of carrying out his or her work effectively with little to no supervision.

Code School Africa with our partnership with companies in Africa, we are dedicated to developing various talents.

We are accredited and well equipped to train your staff and produce an unstoppable and innovative workforce for your company.

Our training comes in form of:

In-Class Training

Our In-class training provides you technology-based training, instructors that are experienced and experts in the field, and conveniently scheduled classes. Not to mention, affordable and qualitative. Our classroom training involves a lesson plan and is conducted by an instructor to your employees. In the shared space, our instructors will teach and connect on a one on one approach. As we believe questions to aid learning, there will be group interactive sessions to inquire about uncertainties. Our classroom environment is clean and secured, devoid of noise, and other possible distractions. The serenity helps aid the learning process and it stems away from the pressure of office and work environments, enabling learners to feel relaxed.

Virtual Training

The need for and effectiveness of virtual interaction has been amplified in the year 2020. It has shown that distance or physical spaces are not barriers to learning. Our virtual training offers courses for your team, through a range of online platforms. Our virtual training experience is designed to simulate the traditional classroom and learning experience. Our virtual training includes learning slides, eBooks, video interactions, and immediate feedback from tests. Learners will have access to the courses at any time, the nature of the virtual training allows for flexibility and freedom, it also aids time management. This way, your employees can go about their private and work life while receiving the best learning experience from us.

Custom Training

We can provide consultancy services to develop content that would suit the training program for your employees. Our custom training is carefully created to meet the specific requirements of your organization and employees.


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